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Hello my name is Robert Anderst-

I am a Conservative Christian Republican and here are my positions on some issues important to District 12 voters:

  • I support free market solutions to our economic challenges
  • I support lower taxes and a regulatory structure that is pro growth
  • I support balanced budgets

I support Education reforms.  As a parent with two kids in public schools, I believe that the most important elements are:

  • A system that rewards good teachers
  • Efficient use of a strong education budget
  • Working to identify best practices both for effectiveness and cost
  • Education should be a partnership that includes parents
  • investment in workforce training 
  • School choice
  • Home schooling  

Some other important issues for voters to know about me

        *  Strong defender of the Constitution        

        *  Pro-Life

        *  Fight for States Rights

        *  I Will do everything I can to protect Private Property Rights


As your legislator it is critical that you let me know what you think about the issues of the day.  Lets work together to make Idaho the best it can be.

Thank you,

Robert Anderst, Idaho House of Representatives District 12 seat A